TSSadmin Express

Our flagship product provides a productivity boost to your Top Secret® for z/OS security administrator staff.


TSSadmin Express™ transforms the native TSS command interface into a powerhouse of intelligent automated processes expressly designed to help you provide fast and accurate TSS administration service to your customers.

Top Secret® for z/OS is the best. TSSadmin Express™ makes it even better!


What's in your Mainframe?™

Past Performance

  In addition to our software, our past performance includes relief and staffing expertise with all aspects of working with TSS:
    -Administration at all levels, technical support, debugging, performance tuning, audit review, TSS Database Maintenance / Cleanup
    -Conversion Support (e.g., RACF-to-TSS, Mergers, Acquisitions, RBAC profile structure, LCF-to-OTRAN)
    -Implementation Support (e.g., new TSS implementation, activation of new security resources / features)
    -Testing, consulting, strategic planning, security interface application development
    -Staff performs both technical support and hands-on project management